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What is a HuckleBee Family Lifestyle Session?

Family Lifestyle Sessions are a unique approach to the typical family photo session. Instead of photographing your family at a specified outdoor location, lifestyle sessions take place in and around the family home. They are meant to document your family in your own space, with your own things, living your everyday life. While this may sound atypical to how you've thought of family photography before, there are many reasons to love this style of candid imagery.

Family snuggle session on the bed | Medicine Hat Lifestyle Family Photographer

1. Lifestyle sessions are very relaxed. There is no need to hurry to get out the door to race to your photo session on time since I come to you. Kids don't need to get used to a new setting since they can remain in their own space, surrounded by what comforts them. This makes Lifestyle Sessions a great option for families with special needs children as well.

Relaxing in his bedroom | Medicine Hat Lifestyle Family Photographer

Laughing with her favourite baby doll in her crib | Medicine Hat Lifestyle Family Photographer

2. Weather isn't an issue. No need to worry about the wind, rain, bugs, heat or cold. This can make clothing choices a little easier too. It also takes away the stress of obsessively checking the weather app and the worry of needing to reschedule a session due to poor weather.

Playing 'Where's your nose' with mom | Medicine Hat Lifestyle Family Photographer

3. All the comforts of home. Lifestyle sessions are really convenient for families with small children when nap time can be unpredictable. It can be hard to have a 7 pm sunset session schedule and suddenly baby needs to crash. With a lifestyle session, kids can rest, eat, and easily take a break, coming back into the session when they are ready. If someone gets messy and needs a clothing update or diaper change, being at home makes a quick clean up easier too.

Reading in her room | Medicine Hat Lifestyle Family Photographer

Drawing his family | Medicine Hat Lifestyle Family Photographer

4. Your home is a sacred space and deserves to be documented. As your family grows and changes so does your home. Style and decor gets updated, toy rooms turn into offices, nurseries morph into toddler rooms, then teen retreats. Remembering how your home looked and served you at a given point in time makes memories extra special.

Getting dolled up with her pretend makeup | Medicine Hat Lifestyle Family Photographer

Rocking on the horse Daddy made her | Medicine Hat Lifestyle Family Photographer

5. Capture important family activities. How your family plays together and spends time with one another changes quickly too. Snuggling on the couch reading, family game night, baking together, crafting at the kitchen table, building puzzles on the living room floor, playing on the backyard swing-set. These moments can be created and captured during a lifestyle session.

Playing Uno in the living room | Medicine Hat Lifestyle Family Photographer

Taking the kids up to bed | Medicine Hat Lifestyle Family Photographer

Lifestyle photography places a focus on remembering more than the way your family looked at a given point in time. It captures the way you were. If you're interested in talking more about a HuckleBee Photography Lifestyle Family Session, drop me a line so I can send you more information.

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