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Family Photo Session | Family Photographers Lethbridge

Taneill Davis is a Lethbridge photographer specializing in family and newborn photography. She offers outdoor and lifestyle family sessions and has a beautiful home-based studio for newborn photography. Session details and pricing can be found under the Session Info menu, or you can contact Taneill directly.


This family photo session was shot in the thick summer smoke caused by nearby wildfires. I couldn't even see the outline of the sun in the sky the smoke was so thick! While we didn't have any sunlight to work with the bonus was we didn't have any sunlight to fight with! As much as I love flare and haze in my work, it's kind of a treat to be able to place subjects any which way and not have to worry about intense shadows, strong glare, or squinty eyes.

The location of this session was extra special as it was shot in the grandparents backyard. Talk about landscaping goals! Their yard is beautifully manicured and looks perfect in every direction. The finishing touch to it all was when grandpa drove up in the cream colored International truck. I'd never had the chance to use a 'prop' when shooting a family and this one delivered to the nines, even coordinating with their outfits!

I always encourage my families to bring special items to a session but this time the family brought me to a special location that meant something to them and that makes these photos even more meaningful.

Ready for your HuckleBee session? Let's do it!! Reach out to me.

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