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Family Photo Session in Police Point Park, Medicine Hat | Top Ten Favs

I so love shooting in the fall but, as with all seasons in southern Alberta, you never know what the weather will do. This fall we had everything from snow and ice, to a devastating wind storm, to 25 degree sun!

The Miller family contacted me about a late October family session. We set up the time and place and the weather that day was windy but sunny. I was home preparing to leave for our sunset session when suddenly the house went dark. I looked out the window and all looked well. But then I heard the tell tale sound of hail and my heart sank. I ran to the other side of the house to see an ominous black cloud rolling in fast. Within seconds the heavens opened and the rain and hail hammered down. There had been absolutely nothing in the forecast predicting the storm.

I called my family who was already dressed and ready to leave for the session. There was nothing to be done but reschedule for a week later and pray Mother Nature would be kinder to us.

Well, She delivered, big time!!

The make-up session could not have been more perfect. The sun was golden and warm, the wind was calm, and my family was so sweet to work with. A couple of days after these photos were taken there was snow all over the ground so we captured these sun-soaked moments in the nick of time.

Thank you, Miller family, for making my last Fall session of the season such a memorable one. Here are my top ten favourite images from our time together.

If you're interested in booking a HuckleBee family photo session in Medicine Hat or surrounding area, drop me a line on my Contact Taneill page.

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