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In-Home Newborn Session | Best Newborn Photographer Medicine Hat

Taneill Davis is a Medicine Hat photographer specializing in family and newborn photography. She offers outdoor and lifestyle family sessions and has a beautiful home-based studio for newborn photography. Session details and pricing can be found under the Session Info menu, or you can contact Taneill directly.


I made a special trip in April to photograph a very special baby for an extremely significant woman in my life.

First the story of the mom and her significance to me. Stacey is the woman who set me up on a blind date with my husband 12 years ago! She is a good friend of my sisters and at the time she was an employee of Tim's and thought we'd make a good match. I've always thought her initiative to set up her boss on a blind date was a risky move on her part because - what if the date went sideways?!? I was completely NOT interested in going on a blind date but Stacey and my sister forced the issue and made me go. Without that shove in the right direction, my life would be completely different today.

Stacey married a farm boy and they had a beautiful baby boy together. After a while they decided to try for a sibling but, as is so often the case, the road toward another baby was filled with years of challenges and heartbreak. But then, a miracle! After a healthy full-term pregnancy, Baby Cole came to be.

Faith is a powerful force. It guides us to joy and carries us through hardship. To see where faith led this family was moving for me to witness and capture.

These brothers have a lifetime together to play and wrestle, farm and harvest, live and learn. Stacey, I couldn't be any happier for you and your beautiful family. You are the whole reason I have a family of my own and I'll never be able to repay you for that act of kindness. Thank you for allowing me to photograph your earliest family memories together.

This bear was crocheted by Stacey's sister when her first was born.

The hat in the photo above was big brothers first and the boots belonged to daddy.


If you're interested in having your baby photographed by one of the best newborn photographers in Medicine Hat, then please drop me a line to inquire about availability. All information about my Newborn Photo Sessions in Medicine Hat can be viewed at this link:


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