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How I update my home for Halloween using photos

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Happy Halloween! I thought I'd write up a quick post today to show you how I update my home for this fun season using photos from years past. I wrote a recent post on how I decorate my home using easy-to-update photo displays. I use those same ideas here to display our favourite memories from Halloween over the years. My boys LOVE Halloween and every year we have done a photo shoot in their costumes. They stand and stare at these displays all month long which makes my heart so happy.

I love this clothes pin photo display by Umbra. It's so easy to update and so versatile. Here I've clipped on photos, decorations and strings of LED lights in the shape of pumpkins and bats. It looks really cool at night when it's lit up.

This display is at the back of my living room and a focal point when you walk into my home. I usually would have photos displayed on these boards but I downloaded these cute Halloween graphics and decided to use them instead for a change. The photos stick to the boards using clear scrapbook photos corners. The photo frame on the table has a USB stick in the back that I load with all my Halloween photos and it rotates images throughout the day.

This mobile hangs in my front entry and I just clip 4x4 photos in. It has some nice gentle movement as little breezes sweep by that rotates the images around.

No photos displayed here but just wanted to show where I display some simple Halloween decor. I have battery operated candles behind each corner which come on automatically at 5:30 for five hours. I love self timer lighting!

These magnetic white boards are in the hallway leading to the boys rooms so I updated them with artwork from years past and some 4x4 prints.

These frames are in the boys bathroom and they have a slot along the top so you can easily drop in a new item. We made these a few years ago using their hand and foot prints.

Finally, here is the display of my living room mantel. These large frames contain different images behind the glass. To make life easy, I just stick these photos on top of the glass using double sided tape and peel them off when the season is over.

There you have it before I take it all down tomorrow. I'll do another post to show you my Christmas decor once it's up. Have an spooktacular night!

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